Thursday, April 17, 2008

Faculty Lounge

I haven’t been one to pounce on the news that Barack Obama’s pastor is a bit of a racist. People are entitled to their own views, regardless of how vile those views are. Obama says that he found value in attending that church, with that pastor, in spite of that rhetoric. Who am I to question this? I do however wonder what Obama would say if Clinton had been attending a church with a white pastor, who used the same type of rhetoric about blacks.

Obama’s relationship will Bill Ayers is another matter entirely.

Who is Bill Ayers? He’s a terrorist, no different than Osama Bin Laden. He was a leader in the Weather Underground. They blew up 30 bombs, including at the New York City Police Headquarters, the Capitol building, and the Pentagon. One bomb killed three people. Then he disappeared for 10 years.

Ayer’s motto: “Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents". Not only has Ayers never apologized for his actions, he’s still proud of them. In 2001 he said: “I don't regret setting bombs; I feel we didn't do enough”.

“Prosecutorial misconduct” was the reason he’s not rotting in prison today.

So, what’s the connection between Ayers and Obama? Obama and Ayers live in the same neighborhood. Ok, so there’s not much to say about this. They also served on the board of the same foundation. Hey, we all have to work with people we don’t like, right? Yes, but Obama could have declined to serve on the board if Bill Ayers was on it. Now we find out that when Barack Obama first ran for the State Senate in 1995, his coming out party was held at the home of Bill Ayers. That’s where Alice Palmer, who was stepping down from her State Senate seat, announced that Obama was her chosen successor.

I voted for Obama in the Democratic caucus and I don't regret it at all because the Iraq war is the #1 issue for me. This is troubling nevertheless.

Oh by the way, while he was President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of two Weatherman who were sent to prison.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bob Barr

I greeted the news that Bob Barr was forming a presidential exploratory committee with both a bit of glee and skepticism.

One the one hand, the corrupt two party system needs some shaking up. The GOP in particular needs to be rejected for violating virtually all of its alleged principles during the Bush administration.

On the other hand, the Libertarian Party has rarely demonstrated even the tiniest amount of common sense. Given that many on the right are really unhappy with McCain, Congressman Barr would almost certainly have the best showing of any LP presidential candidate in its history. In spite of this, my bet is that the LP will reject Barr and nominate one its long-time stalwarts, because Barr isn't a pure enough libertarian.

Barr has the potential to really shake things up and show the GOP that they can’t take advantage of their base any longer, but alas the LP party faithful probably aren't smart enough to let him do it.

I sure hope that I’m wrong. In the meantime, perhaps Barr should hedge his bets a bit and have a chat with Howard Phillips over at the Constitution Party.