Monday, October 8, 2012

Washington State Ballot Measure Endorsements

The 2012 election is a month away.  So, it's time to give my endorsements on the Washington State ballot measures.

Over the last couple of decades, Washington voters have demonstrated that they are among the most libertarian voters in the country by passing a variety of citizen's initiatives and rejecting a number of government sponsored ballot measures.  Over the last 20 years, Washington voters have: cut and limited taxes; severely restricted the growth in government spending; hardened laws against violent and repeat criminals; legalized medical marijuana; outlawed affirmative action; privatized the sale of liquor; and more.  Most of these measures have passed by overwhelming majorities.  We have also overwhelmingly rejected government initiatives to impose a state income tax.

Unfortunately, in the past Washington voters have been fooled  by enormous big labor spending and have thus rejected real reform of our hidebound public school system.  This year, we have an opportunity to make that right.

Endorse Initiative 1240

This initiative would basically create an experiment by authorizing up to 40 "Government Charter Schools".

America spends more money per student than every country in the world, except Australia and Switzerland, yet American kids score among the lowest in math and science out of all developed countries.

America's economic prowess has always been dependent on our ability to innovate.    Today, many of America's innovators are imported from overseas.  We are very lucky that people want to come to America to build their futures.  While this is wonderful, it cannot be a substitute for educating our own kids.  Unfortunately. most "graduates" of the public school system cannot compete in a global market.

41 states have implemented charter schools.

Charter schools are not the ultimate answer, because they still have to follow many of the same "standards" (a joke) that the other public schools have to follow.  Even though they may be an improvement over the current government monopoly schools, they are still a far away from real education reform.

But, initiative 1240 is a foot in the door. Any foot in the door is better than kowtowing to the existing failed system.

That's why I support 1240.

Endorse Initiative 74

Historically, America had common law marriages -- if two people said that they were married, then they were married in the eyes of the law.

Unfortunately, state governments started requiring marriage licenses and started outlawing common law marriages during the Progressive Era, when 38 governments created requirements to get a license to marry, in most cases to prevent whites from marrying non-whites.

Initiative 74 would allow same-sex couples to marry, but also preserve the right of clergy and religious organizations to REFUSE to perform, recognize, or accommodate any marriage.

This is called freedom.

I would much prefer the government get their sticky fingers out of marriage altogether and return to America's historic tradition of common law marriage.  Unfortunately, that is not on the ballot this year.

So, I support Initiative 74 as a first step.

Endorse Initiative 502

The so-called "War on Drugs" has been a complete failure.  It has only resulted in violence -- violence in our inner cities; violence on our border, and violence within our friends in Mexico and Columbia -- as criminals have monopolized the market.

Conservatives like William Buckley, Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater, and George Schultz have long ago endorsed ending the drug war.

Pat Robertson himself has now endorsed the legalization of marijuana.

Initiative 502 would legalize the production, possession, delivery and distribution of marijuana to people 21 years of age and older.

It would also pose severe penalties for who those who drive while drunk or high.

It's time to end the madness.  It's time to end the violence.  It's time to end the criminal's control of this market.

It's also yet another in a growing list of state's rights versus federal power wedge issues that are so important to the future of our federalist system.

That is why I support Initiative 502.

Endorse Initiative 1185

The voters of Washington State have done a great job handcuffing the profligate spending ways of our state politicians and also limit their ability to raise taxes.

Unfortunately, the politicians never give up.  They have managed to subvert prior initiatives across the board.

Initiative 1185 re-affirms what we have already passed -- to require a 2/3rds vote of the legislature or people to raise taxes.

I support Initiative 1185... 100%