Friday, October 31, 2008

An Obama win next Tuesday, but how big?

Here are my predictions of what will happen next Tuesday:

Obama will win pretty easily. Early returns in Virginia will inform us how the night will go for McCain – a close loss or blow out. Right now, somewhere between 270 and 340 electoral votes seems likely.

The Democrats will pick up 25 or more seats in the House, but probably not more than 30.

The Democrats will not reach a 60 seat, filibuster proof Senate. However, it won’t matter because the GOP “leadership” in the Senate will pretty much cave in and go along with whatever Obama wants out of fear.

The Democrats will completely rule the roost for the next two years. My guess is that the GOP will remain in the wilderness even longer because there isn’t any Newt Gingrich on the horizon who can lead a GOP revival in 2010, no matter how crazy the Democrats get.

The GOP has screwed up big time over the last 8 years by losing site of what they allegedly stood for. They have been completely corrupted by power and have become worse than the Democrats on almost every single measure. Thanks to Bush, the GOP has now reverted to their pre-Reagan status as an irrelevant minority party parroting their pitiful “me too” liberalism.

The GOP deserves what is coming to them. Unfortunately, many of us don't deserve what we will get as a result.

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