Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Germany wants U.S. to remove its Nuclear Weapons

There is a report out today that Germany wants the United States to remove its nuclear weapons from German soil, with officials describing them as a "relic of the Cold War". Conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a written policy statement to her party starting: "We will advocate within (NATO) Alliance and with our American allies the removal of the remaining nuclear weapons from Germany".

This is exactly right. Th Soviet Union died in 1989. There is no more credible state-sponsored international communist threat. Russia and the Germans are good friends.

Maintaining our Cold War defense posture detracts us, in terms of both focus and money, from meeting the actual threats that we face today.

So, why in the heck do we continue to spend our tax money supporting something that is not wanted and not needed??? I'll tell you why -- because we are living in a hidebound country, controlled by special interests (including, but not limited to defense contractors), who are completely resistant to any and all change.

Put modernizing our defense strategy on a long list of changes that need to be made to our illustrious government in the District of Columbia.

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