Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fundamental Difference Between Private and Public Unions

I grew up in Detroit. I make a huge distinction between industrial worker unions like the UAW and Teamsters on the one hand and government bureaucrats unions like the NEA on the other hand.

The NEA funnels compulsory union dues into political campaigns to essentially elect their own bosses. The politicians who benefit from this refuse to make any changes whatsoever in the horrible school systems no matter how bad they get.

Milwaukee teachers earn on average for $100,000 a year in salary and benefits. What do we get for it? 32% of kids in Milwaukee never graduate high school. Many of those who do "graduate" are functional illiterates who can't read, write, or perform simple arithmetic.

American cannot remain a prosperous country with our awful school system. This has to change. It will never change as long as the NEA and AFSCME own the Democrat Party.

FDR himself was against government workers unionizing. He was right.

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foxmuldar said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a welder in the steelworkers union. I get little back for the union dues I pay, and most of it goes to elect the same liberal Democrats.

As for the teachers unions, I'm also in agreement. Just recently our local school district sent out their newsletter. As expected they are crying about a cut in funding from the federal government and how they must find money for a 9% increase in the teachers healthcare plan, and get this, a 50% increase in funding for the pension plans. WTF? Of course nothing is said about possible layoffs. We wouldn't want to see those poor teachers collecting an unemployment check now would we. While many of us in the pvt sector, even if in a Union were out of work or working a shortened week, the Public sector was being bailed out by Obama and the so called stimulus which only kept public sector workers on the job. Its time for this to end. Hopefully Walker doesn't back down and starts to fire some of those law breaking teachers.