Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Government Programs HURT the Poor

You are a factory worker  in New Jersey who was laid off.  Or maybe you are an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

You have a car. You get it inspected.  You get your Chauffeur's License.

Can you open a business in New York City?


New York City places severe restrictions on who can own a taxi company,

Today, it cost about $1 million to enter the taxi business in New York,

Who can afford this?

How does this help the poor?:

Government restrictions like this are why the poor and middle class are no longer upwardly mobile.


Anonymous said...

"we must as a species go into a period of shrinkage that we have not experienced since the Dark Ages and the Black Plague" -- lucysmom

The attribution is undeserved as lucysmom isn't the author of the above quote - but then, you know this.

The honorable thing to do is knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Ungodly Endings
Wondering where this world is going to? You got no job, you got no retirement, you’re kids took a job to go to war so as to look forward to food stamps, no job, no home. Maybe its because Christians run communities that would prosper from sound, stable, moral, Christian belief systems. You being the populations who grow up thinking they’ll marry, raise children, and retire comfortably--but it still hasn't happened. Yet there are thousands of those who always seems to have a high paying job, that enables them to keep their lives so private no one knows what they’re doing, no one can trace how they move their friends/partners up the job ladder, get their own hired in the company, and monopolize high salaried jobs in industries like the movie industry, the media, fashion industry, cosmetics, medical, universities, CEO’s or how they monopolize high powered jobs in decision making positions--where they make decisions about you. No one rattles their cage or could—because they’ll accuse you of being homophobic or discriminating. But how many strong, young men ended up in the prisons in your communities because there weren't jobs or educational opportunities for them to focus on their goals of raising a family, succeeding at a job, and settling down. Yet the devils knows all about you, what you need to do, how you need to be repressed—because if they don’t—you might prosper and get ahead of them to where you have better control over your lives and communities. Will they make sure you get a good in with their company? Will they pay their tithes, taxes, or contributions for your needs? Do they open their doors and let in the homeless? Are they out there stopping crimes that involve prostituting youth, pedaphiles, or pornography? Or maybe they're too good for you to join in the fight against crime. Maybe it would take them out of their comfort zone. The media socializes our young people with themes that predominately promote violence, sex, vampires, homosexuality, or a do-want-ever-you-want mentality. Christian values are rarely acknowledged for doing anyone any good. Why do you think this is. Because Christians have a firm hold over their society? Obviously not, instead, if everyone doesn’t accept the anything-goes trends you have trouble feeding you family, finding a spouse with integrity, retiring comfortably, or living the lifestyle with the blessings you deserve. Take a look at what is offered out there for you to have your dream life. Yet that doesn’t fit into the scheme of the devil. If you are homophobic—good luck finding permanent work that doesn’t break your back mopping floors, cleaning up waste, have you living from paycheck to paycheck, or that results in health problems. What jobs can you look forward to in your town? Not much? And another thing, assisted living facilities can cost up to $8,000. per month or more. Anyone with long term health problems like AIDs, Hepatitis C, cancers, and other lifestyle-related illnesses also have thousands of dollars in pharmaceutical/medication bills. They need the government to pay their bills, but that really means you’re paying their bills with your tax dollars. So, instead of the tax money going towards high quality jobs, schools, your or your family's health care needs, job training opportunities in your communities, or for our servicemen who come back torn up, the system is instead geared to keep those down who wouldn’t want to live by the dictatorship of sin. What would all these corrupt, evil-doers do if Christian people had control over their neighborhoods? Well, they wouldn't have their high-powered jobs, for one thing. Then, as you wait for the storm to clear, the years go by, and soon most everyone ends up in a carehome or nursing home—where you don’t necessary come out—where you have no voice--and no one will ever no about your complaints. While you live to see your life opportunities passing by in front of you, the devil is out there living your American dream. Deliberately.