Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Democrats Doesn't Have a Mandate to Spend, the GOP Has a Mandate to Reform

While driving today, I heard a great interview with Rand Paul.

He has it exactly right.

This was not a blow out election.  It wasn't even close to a blow out.

It was 51% versus 48%.  1% went to an ex-GOP governor (Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate) who wanted even less government than Romney.

The far left are trying to claim some kind of mandate for more government, when they have none.

Over the last couple of election cycles, the Republican party has elected some great people, like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio.  They have also nominated some complete morons, like the Witch of Delaware and the Rape kooks in Illinois and Missouri.

Obama's reelection team did a great job using the very few GOP losers to paint the entire GOP in a negative light.

Hat's off to the Obama team for being able to elevate someone who sat is Reverend Wright's church for 20 years listening to Wright "damn America" as the "moderate" in this election. It is truly the largest triumph of propaganda  versus reality in several decades.  From a skills perspective, they are the best.   With regards to the future of America...  not so good...

Yes, the GOP establishment are dumber than dirt in understanding how to talk to Asians and Latinos.  The GOP's lack of basic outreach to many people who are natural allies has enabled the left to claim that the GOP are full of racists.

I am married to an Asian woman.  My mom was also an immigrant, from Germany.

I understand that most immigrants come here to fulfill their dreams.  Unfortunately, the ranks of GOP voters are filled with people who just don't understand this.

Even though close to a majority of American's now collect government checks, the American values of individual liberty and responsibility still ring true to our hearts.  Yes, some people are content to let the government take of them, but most people hate being in this situation.

Romney just didn't get this, and that was a big part of the problem.

In spite of the GOP's idiocy, it was still basically a 51% / 49%.  That is not a mandate to destroy America.

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Victor Arteaga said...

I agree. I think the core message of the republican party resonates well with the vast majority of americans.

However, I also think the GOP needs to unburden itself from fringe messages and those very loud few who scare off many mainstream voters.

Look at the issues making noise and perceived to be the core of the message: union of church&state (as opposed to separation...), get rid of Obama (It´s not a personal vendetta!It's about electing the best people for the good of the country), anti-inmigrationism, Creationism vs. evolution, negation of global warming, same sex marriage... etc.

And on top of that you have folks like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News creating a whole industry around raising the volume on this liberal bashing, Obama attacking, fringe issue stuff who is useless compared with the important things facing the country.

GOP Polititians should focus attention on their core messages, talk about individual freedoms, creating an economy where creative, committed hardworking people can accomplish things impossible anywhere else in the world, core, universal values of family and community, reducing govt. and keeping it out of peoples lives. Most americans, regardless of origin, faith and socio economic ladder, will respond to these messages a lot more than the anti-rich rethoric some think works for the democrats (I personally think it hurts them more than help them).