Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yet another point on how the "public" (government monopoly) schools fail our kids

There are 3 million jobs going begging in American today, even though 20 million people are unemployed or under-employed. Unfortunately, Americans don't have the skills to fill these jobs.

This is entirely the fault of the government.

The public (government monopoly) school system has failed our kids in two different ways:

First, it doesn't provide the math and science background needed for the best and brightest to enter science, math, engineering, or computer science programs in college.

Second, it completely fails everyone else by allowing people to slack off for three or four years in high school, taking worthless classes when they should be learning a vocational skill that could provide them a living.

The government is spending tons of money promoting kids to run up huge debts pursuing college degrees in worthless majors, when we should be pointing these kids to vocations in manufacturing technology, auto mechanics, carpentry, and other well paying trades.

Anyone who calls themselves a "conservative" or "libertarian" needs to understand that our rotten education system is the root of our problems as society.

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Anonymous said...

A good private school charges about $35,000 per student per year. Washington schools make due with less than a third of that amount.

It isn't reasonable to expect first rate results on the cheap.