Thursday, December 26, 2013

The On-going War Against Nutritional Supplements

The mainstream media has launched yet another scare story about the dangers of nutritional supplements.

It's the same old story that the establishment has been trying to paint for 60 years -- there are no benefits whatsoever from taking supplements and they might even be dangerous.

Politicians who are bought and paid for by Big Pharma have been trying to shut down the nutrition industry for decades (at least since the 1950s). But Americans are just not going along.

There is great evidence that American's eat lousy, unhealthy diets and could benefit greatly from using supplements like B complex, C, and D vitamins and more.

Sure, there are things that are more controversial, but some of the things that were most controversial in the past have proven to be true (like Zink preventing the cold virus from spreading).

That doesn't mean that every controversial thing will be proven to be true.

There are "supplements" that may be dangerous, especially to our liver. So we need to be very careful. This is why we need an open marketplace of information to make decisions, not government control which obscures information.

The latest politically sponsored crap from the "mainstream" media about nutritional supplements is nothing more than another attempt in a 60+ year long campaign to frighten Americans into submission to the politicians (who don't know squat about this) and the big pharmaceutical companies (who have a vested interest in keeping you unhealthy and dependent on their drugs).

We should give this latest nonsense the attention that it deserves.

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