Friday, July 9, 2010

BRAVO to Ann Coulter

Bravo to Ann Coulter for calling on neo-commies like Bill Kristol to STFU with regards to Micheal Steele's comments on Afghanistan.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that America had every right to dispatch the al-Queda presence in Afghanistan, but that it was crazy to bog American troops down in a no-win situation in Afghanistan. The unruly Afghans could not be subdued by the Brits or Soviets. More importantly, our real enemy -- al-Queda -- has moved on to Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Steele is right. It's absolutely foolish to continue to waste American lives and money in Afghanistan.

We can accomplish our continued goals there by bribing a handful of warlords, using a fraction of the money and American lives that we'll spend on Obama's direct military action. We did it with Egypt -- bribing them to make nice with Israel. Over the last 30 years, the amount of money we spent on Egypt to achieve some amount of peace in the middle is tiny compared to what we've spent on Afghanistan in the last few years.

It's about time that real conservatives stand up to the big government neo-commies in the GOP and their demented foreign policy (not to mention their crazy "government greatness" philosophy at home).

BRAVO to Ann Coulter for joining (and given her position, leading) the growing conservative dissent to the neo-commies war mongering foreign policy.

I am more encouraged than ever that we are heading for real, positive change.

Thank you Ann.

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