Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anti-incumbent sentiment marches on!!!

An ex-Gateway executive (Rick Synder) came out of nowhere to win the GOP nomination for governor of Michigan. He beat two professional politicians - the Michigan Attorney General and a U.S. Congressman.

He won the nomination with a substantial margin.

At this point, the GOP establishment has to be soiling their pants.

A friend of mine, who knew I grew up in Michigan, asked me if I knew Rick. Here's how I responded:

No, I don't know him. I'm not even sure how Gateway and Michigan and fit together. I think Gateway came out of South Dakota. Now they are in San Diego.

I'm typing this on a 3 month old Gateway laptop, which is amazing given that Dell nearly put Gateway out of business 10 years ago. Now Dell is suffering under enormous quality problems, with brain dead management that purposefully shipped faulty products. Sounds likes the Detroit auto companies in the 70s, doesn't it?

This is what I love about the unfettered free market -- if you get too big for your britches, another company is going to come and kick your rear end. Who benefits? We do! I was hesitant to buy the Gateway but I did because the capabilities it offered were much cheaper than the competition. I love it.

No, Bush's big corporate bailouts are not the free market. This is one of many reasons why I really dislike the GOP -- they've made people believe that their crony capitalism is the free market. It's not. The Democrats do the same thing, and it's just as bad or worse, but they don't pretend that it's the free market.

This primary season is turning out to be a real turning point for our country. So far, we've tossed our 4 incumbent Congressman and 3 U.S. Senators in the primaries! When was the last time that happened? More importantly, outsiders like Rick Synder are capturing their party's nomination all over the country.

I hope that Snyder wins and brings his business sense to government. This is the only way that Michigan will recover and move forward.

I also hope that the outsiders who've managed to win their party's nomination across the country are successful in the fall.

The GOP establishment needs to be put out of business by the competition just like any business who has lost touch with their customers.

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